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The Deluxe Deluxe Flush Model is an option we provide that enables the removal of waste after each time it is used. It is the perfect choice for upscale events, weddings, or when you want to provide a luxurious experience for your guests.

Flushing Port-A-Potty Rental for any Event

One of the standout features of the Deluxe Model is its flushing ability. Unlike traditional portable toilets that simply have a holding tank, the Deluxe Model is equipped with a flushing system that allows for a cleaner and more sanitary experience.

If you are in need of a portable toilet that offers both cleanliness and convenience, look no further than Mr. Clean Portable Toilets. Contact us today to learn more about our flushing portable toilet options and to reserve one for your next event or job site.

Sanitation you can rely on

At Mr. Clean Portable Toilets, we understand the importance of having a clean and safe portable toilet on any job site or event. That’s why we take great care in maintaining the highest level of cleanliness for all of our units. We know that a portable toilet is more than just a convenience, it’s a necessity, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Our portable toilets are built to withstand any terrain, ensuring they can be placed in any location. We understand that different job sites and events have different needs, and we have a variety of units to meet those needs. From standard units to deluxe units, we’ve got you covered.

Deluxe Flushing Technology

At Mr. Clean Portable Toilets, we understand the importance of having a portable toilet that is both clean and convenient. That’s why we are proud to offer our line of flushing portable toilets. These units are equipped with a flushing system that ensures a cleaner and more sanitary experience for users.

The flushing system in our portable toilets allows for waste to be flushed away, rather than stored in a holding tank. This means that odors are eliminated and the overall cleanliness of the unit is improved. The flushing system also ensures that the portable toilet is more hygienic, as it helps to prevent the buildup of waste and bacteria.

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